Ongoing Grant programme

Submission guidelines

Within the ongoing grant programme, the Südkulturfonds supports non-commercial cultural projects in the fields of performing arts, music, literature (including spoken word) and visual arts (photography, new media, performance). Applications can be submitted throughout the year. Submission deadlines are linked to the amount of the grant, see submission deadlines below. As a rule, the amount is based on the travel, transport and accommodation costs of a project. In every case, applications must be submitted at least four weeks before the start of the project. It is mandatory that projects are submitted together with a partner or venue in Switzerland.

The Ongoing Grant Programme supports …
  • one-off.
  • Programme series: several events over the course of a year/season.
  • Festivals: events lasting one or multiple days featuring several productions.
  • Tours by artists who are not resident in Switzerland.
  • Productions of physical or digital media formats, such as albums or videos, of curated programmes/exhibitions or thematic co-productions. Film productions are excluded.
  • Artist residencies of several weeks.
  • Literary translations into a Swiss national language by recognised Swiss publishers.
  • Surtitling and subtitling of performances and screenings in Switzerland (for details see the sections on film and theatre).
  • Film series and festivals that involve filmmakers in their programme.
The Ongoing Grant Programme does not support…
  • Advertising and charity events.
  • Film productions.
  • Infrastructure and equipment.
  • Projects in the context of education and training.
  • Requests from the amateur cultural scene.
  • Applications that have been submitted after the deadline.
  • Projects that are already underway or completed and projects without adequate self-funding and/or without coherent financing plan.
  • Funding requests for projects or parts thereof that are already supported by other federal agencies.

Application requirements and priorities

An application must contain the following

  • Description of the concept and implementation plan of the project.
  • Details of the persons and institutions involved.
  • Launch of the project.
  • Balanced budget and coherent financing plan.
  • The requested amount must be clearly shown as a comprehensible deficit.

Südkulturfonds prioritises projects…

  • With artists living and working in the following countries and regions: a) priority countries, i.e. partner countries of the Swiss development cooperation b) other countries and regions eligible for development aid. Please consult the Südkulturfonds’ list of eligible countries.
  • with artists who are at the beginning of their artistic career (2-10 years).
  • with artists who have given more than two performances in Switzerland or in neighbouring countries.
  • of high artistic quality and originality.
  • which are implemented according to professional standards.
  • which are supported by various funding institutions (municipalities, cantons, foundations).
  • with a convincing concept for distribution/ dissemination and or promotion.
  • that demonstrate equal cooperation between all project participants at eye level.
  • that bring together different disciplines (transdisciplinarity).
  • that strive for equal opportunities and diversity (e.g.gender).

When assessing applications, the experts of the Südkulturfonds attach importance to the responsible and sustainable use of the funding.

Submission deadlines

Applications must be submitted at least four weeks before the start of the project. Late or incomplete applications will not be considered.

The following submission deadlines apply to applications of CHF 5000 or more: 31 January - 30 April - 31 August - 30 November. These deadlines must also be at least four weeks before the start of the project!

Contributions to national or trans-regional projects exceeding CHF 30,000 must be submitted at least two months before the start of the project and in consultation with artlink.

Applications for literary translations must be submitted by either 1 April or 1 November.


Applications under CHF 5,000 are assessed by the artlink office on an ongoing basis. Applications of CHF 5,000 or more are assessed together with external experts. The office appoints the experts for a limited term of two years. We strive to ensure that the commissions are diverse in terms of origin, gender, age and social class.

Current experts Albane Schlechten, Nyon (Music), Ane Hebeisen, Bern (Music), Anja Dirks, Basel (Theatre and Dance), Rona Schauwecker, Zurich (Film), Anastasia Alexandrova, Bern (Visual Arts)

Contributions of more than CHF 30,000 also require the approval of the Südkulturfonds Steering Group, consisting of representatives of artlink and the SDC's Culture and Development Division.


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