Funding schemes of Südkulturfonds

The Südkulturfonds offers two types of funding schemes: The Ongoing Grant programme and the Call for Proposals programme.

Ongoing Grant programme

Depending on the amount of the contribution, submissions can be made throughout the year (at the latest 4 weeks before the start of the project) or four times a year (see submission deadlines). As a rule, the amount of the grant is based on the travel, transport and accommodation costs of a project in the fields of music, theatre/dance, literature, film and visual arts. The programme supports residencies, literary translations, live performances, exhibitions, film screenings, etc. This grant is exclusively for projects showcased in Switzerland and in collaboration with a Swiss venue or partner.


Call for Proposals programme

Open calls for proposals set impulses. They take place within a given time frame and have a specific focus in terms of target group, region, sector, topic and output. Criteria and focal points of an open call are described and specified in the respective call. For each open call, an ad hoc jury is appointed consisting of artlink staff and external national and international experts.
The Südkulturfonds currently works with three different types of calls:

New Stage supports individuals, collectives and organisations working in the field of arts and culture who are experimenting with innovative ideas and solutions to present, perform and tour works – in alternative spaces beyond black boxes and white cubes.

Currently we do not have any active open calls.

Past calls for proposals:

  • New Stage/airtime
  • What are you working on?

Travel Network invites five cultural organisers and promoters, based in Africa, Asia, Latin America and non-EU countries in East Europe to Switzerland for a guided research trip of several days. The visit is designed to promote exchange between the visitors and the host country’s cultural scene(s). It offers the opportunity to discuss future collaborations across disciplines, countries and continents. Travel Network is organised in cooperation with Pro Helvetia’s department for International Affairs.

Currently we do not have any active open calls.

Response supports individual artists and art collectives based in Africa, Asia, Latin America and non-EU Eastern European countries to provide an artistic response to or commentary on current political, social, economic or cultural issues and events on a local or global level.

Currently we do not have any active open calls.

Past calls for proposals:

  • Call for entries – Grant 100 ARTISTS

What is Südkulturfonds?

Südkulturfonds is financed by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC) and administered by the Office for Cultural Cooperation, artlink. Südkulturfonds supports productions and events by and with artists from Africa, Asia, Latin America and Eastern Europe (non-EU countries) through deficit guarantees and project contributions. The aim of this funding activity is to facilitate access to the Swiss cultural market and to professional networks for cultural workers from countries to the South and East of the Europe, especially from partner countries of Swiss development cooperation.

The Südkulturfonds works with two funding schemes: 1) ongoing grants and 2) call for proposals.

The Südkulturfonds supports artists from specific countries and regions. On the one hand, these are countries and regions in which the Swiss development cooperation is active. On the other hand, the SKF supports projects by artists from countries and regions that are eligible for development aid according to the OECD, Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development. We have compiled a list of eligible countries and regions on the Südkulturfonds country list.

Check whether your country is on this list before applying. Sudkulturfonds gives priority to applications from countries in which Switzerland, that is the SDC, is active. These countries are highlighted in yellow on the list. Further priority is given to artists whose main residence is in one of the countries listed.

Projects that are already supported by other federal agencies (e.g. Pro Helvetia) are excluded from the Südkulturfonds if the support relates to the same parts of the project.

artlink manages the Südkulturfonds on behalf of the Swiss Development Cooperation (SDC).


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